Worker writes

My favourite poetry is from the second Migrant Workers Poetry Competition, written by a construction worker, Mohar Khan. Personally, I really feel for Mohar. He came to Singapore to be a construction worker so that he could be able to support his family back home in Bangaladesh. I admire him as a person. Despite the circumstances he is in, he continue to work hard so to be able to support his family.  Living away from home is one of the hardest thing to do in my opinion. Without your family by your side, you feel lonely. In Mohar’s poetry,  ”Day after day, my labour, Has built this city layer by layer; That’s why I am an intoxicated lover of this place. Have I forgotten my home, my motherland? My wife abandoned to time ?My child, my family’s inheritor? No, I haven’t. ”  Mohar have helped to build Singapore by being a construction worker, I respect him for that too. However, his home, his country is Bangaladesh. The place where his family is at. His heart belongs to his homeland. That I really admire. Why is it so? Many people often forget their roots. I as a Singaporean, will always be a Singaporean, a proud Singaporean. I believe we should all remember where we belong, where we were raised. Mohar’s spirit is something we should all learn from. Hence, my favourite poem belongs to Mohar Khan. #CA1

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