What? We Kinda’ Caused the Haze?

Haze. It is mainly caused by the uncontrolled expansion of palm oil and paper production. Things such as palm oil and paper are important to human because we uses it. Hence, with the demands of the people comes the supply. Many palm oil and paper production use fire to clear the forest and that cause a tremendous damage to the environment.

Indonesia has one of the highest rates of deforestation in the world. The large amount of greenhouse gases released by the burning of forest have affected the atmosphere. Droughts happen more often with the dry land left behind after the burning.

Haze can be very harmful to human beings due to the pollutants in the air. It damages our respiratory system, making us more prone to respiratory problems. It also threatens the animals as their habitats are being destroyed.

So, what can we do to be a more responsible consumer/buyer? Firstly, when we are going to buy any wood-based product, we should find for products that are FSC certified or 100% recycled pulp and paper options. That way, we reduces the demand of paper as we can recycle them! Secondly, we can also use biodegradable plastic bags as it can be broken down more quickly than normal plastic bags which can be useful in promoting a more environmental friendly act.

Above are a few ways we can help to be a better consumer/shopper. It may look easy but we all have to do it to get the maximum benefit. #CA1 

sources for my research: http://hdwallpaperspretty.com/wp-content/gallery/natural-environment-images/environment%20(1).jpg   ,   https://webreathewhatwebuy.com/haze/




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