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The story that I find rather interesting for me to talk about is written by Mong Palatino. The title is ” Why Did Facebook Remove a Post Criticizing Singapore Police “.  So why does this story calls out to me? I’m a Singaporean and this story is related to Singapore hence it concerns me. Just by reading the title makes me feel infuriated. Singapore Police’s job is to ensure the safety of the citizens. Such messages on criticizing the police will definitely be viral. I’m sure that applies to other countries too. By criticizing the police may potentially create an uproar among the readers as different people have their opinions on it. They will start to question the way the Police do their job. That is not the main issue. The main issue is how Soh Lung and Roy Ngerng got the attention of the police in the first place which eventually leads to their interrogation.

Teo Soh Lung is a civil rights lawyer and Roy Ngerng is a political activist. That alone is enough to get the attention of the citizens. They are active in questioning the system of Singapore which is why that got hold of the Singapore Police. The Police are to ensure the saftey of citizens. Once they think something may be threatening to the country, obviousy they try to stop it. That’s the case here with Soh Lung. She is already being ‘aimed’ by the police for her previous political activism. It’s no surprise for me that she will be check on by the police now and then, for her OWN actions. Soh Lung complained that when police commit a wrong, where do Singaporeans run to. She said that because she had a issue with the police (which I felt is her wrong) , she believe that she is right and the police is wrong.

In conclusion, I think that what Facebook did by removing her posts is right. Facebook is always on a look out for any terror-related activities. She have to be careful with what she is writing in her posts as it might get the attention of Facebook which will lead to the removal of the posts. We all have to careful what we write on social media. It reflects the personality off the person. Sometimes emotions take over and we write what we feel at the moment which often makes us regret. Think before you write is the way we should all do.




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