Made in Singapore

Singapore invented quite a few things that I never knew or thought would be invented in Singapore! After doing my research on the things Singapore has invented, I find thumbdrive to be my favourite one.  The thumbdrive is very important to many people in the past as it stores data easily, has a lot of memory space and is also really small so people can bring it around easily. All you have to do is to plug it in a computer/laptop USB port and stores your data, it’s that easy! Pretty amazing how such a small device can do wonders.

Thumbdrive is created by a company named Trek Technology based in Singapore. In the past, people used things like floppy disk or CDs to store data. However, its memory space is limited so ThumbDrive was invented to meet the increasing demands of the people. ThumbDrive has larger memory space and is easy to carry around, that attracted a lot of people to buy,including myself. Technology will always advance and soon the ThumbDrive was not as popular as before but I will always remember how useful it was and how it had helped a generation to better store their data.

If I was a inventor, I would create a airplane that can fly on its own. A airplane that can detect any oncoming airplanes or threats. This way it can reduce the chances of planes being mysteriously lost in the air. When sensing danger, the plane is better prepared for it.

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