Heritage Trail

For Heritage Trail, I went to the Kranji War Memorial. It is located at Kranji. The War Memorial is dedicated to the men that died defending Singapore in the World War 2.



The Kranji War Cemetery consisted of the war cemetery , war memorial and also the state cemetery.


There is only two burial site in the state cemetery. It is the first and second Presidents of Singapore, Yusuf bin Ishak and Benjamin Henry Sheares.




Within the cemetery stands the Singapore Memorial. It represents 3 types of military,Air Force, Navy , Army bears the names of over 24,000 men and women that died defending Singapore during the war. Those people have no known grave. They were known to be either captured or missing. Their bodies were never found. However, they will be remembered for their courage and contributions to Singapore.



The Kranji War Cemetery is the final resting place of the soldiers that fought for Singapore during the First and Second World War. There are the British, Dutch and allies of Singapore during the World War.  From my research, I found out that there are more that 4,400 headstones,850 0f whom remain unidentified. The cemetery also contains 64 First World War burials and commemorations. The Cemetery used to be a hospital burial ground which eventually became a military cemetery after the war.



Here are some of the other photos I took during my trip to Kranji War Memorial…





Reflection: The Kranji War Memorial and War Cemetery is very important to Singaporeans like us. It reminds us constantly that we should not take our life for granted. Those men and women fought to defend Singapore during the war, sacrificing themselves to protect our country. We are here today because of them. We should always remember,honour them. I went to look and some of the graves and was really shocked to see some of the age of the soldiers (16,21). Even with the help from allies, we still fall to the Japanese. I thought a lot and asked myself how can I contribute to Singapore. Then, I realised the importance of National Service. Singapore is a small nation. Though we have some of the advanced technologies in military, we still lacked people. National Service allows Singaporeans to be equipped with a certain set of skills so that in times of emergency, every household will be able to protect ourselves,to deter against enemies.  We all want to protect our loved ones don’t we?  I also learn to cherish life more,cherishing every minute of being alive,cherishing our family. This trip has also make me feel more enthusiastic to protect my country. Looking at the memorial and graves gave me a sense of pride and responsibility. I wouldn’t thought that I would learn so much from this trip, I’m glad that I did it and hopefully many Singaporeans does.






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